A closer look at Christian Makoun

Credit: Inter Miami 
We have plenty of time before football kicks off in Miami. For now, we don't know who will start, how the bench will look, or whether or not Christian Makoun will even be on the first team. Nevertheless, let's dive into some details about the young Inter Miami midfielder. 

He was signed to Inter Miami on August 6th and was the third player in the club's history. He's 19-years-old and has been the U-20 captain for the Venezuelan national team. The midfielder was called up to the national team in advance of the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. The youngster also holds Belgian citizenship through his father. 

Inter Miami's Sporting Director Paul McDonough had some kind words for the young player when they signed him.
“We are happy to add a young player with solid experience both in Europe and South America to Inter Miami’s roster, Christian is a grounded player of good character and maturity. He has shown us that he strives to represent himself and his home country at the highest level, and this is the mindset we want to build at Inter Miami.”  
Paul McDonough | Source 
Makoun started his senior career in Zamora, before being transferred to Juventus on loan, and finally being sold to Inter Miami CF. Before being signed to Inter Miami, he was one of the most coveted defensive midfielders in his age range.

If you're excited for Makoun to play, I don't blame you. A mix of youth and talent are one of the most fun things to root for in a new club. Here's a tantalizing YouTube video for your fancy.