Inter Miami sends message of support before Hurricane Dorian

Inter Miami CF
There's something different about being a sports team in South Florida. Every year, there's the imminent threat of a powerful storm uprooting those who live there while threatening their lives. It's a fact of being a resident of South Florida.

As a new team residing in Miami, Inter has a chance to be a positive force in the city and surrounding areas whenever there's a life-impacting storm. They took a tiny step towards doing that yesterday with a nice message of support to the surrounding families ahead of Hurrican Dorian.
Together we are stronger, more resilient.
To all of our South Florida Familia: stay safe 💪🏻 #InterMiamiCF
Inter Miami Twitter
A simple tweet is just that, it's simple. However, at the very least shows they're thinking about it. As they continue to grow into the ebb and flow of the city, one would hope their support for the community wouldn't end with a tweet of support, but start with it.