Matias Pellegrini: Magician in the midfield

Credit: Inter Miami
Matías Pellegrini is an Argentine midfielder who gets to say he was one of Inter Miami's first three signings. The Argentine is a 19-year-old versatile midfielder who can fly around and cover miles of space.
“Pellegrini can play inside and out wide, has very good aerobic capacity and can cover a lot of ground.”
Paul McDonough | Source
He can play in the central midfield but prefers to play on the left-wing. Look for Pellegrini to be someone who excels in passing and setting others up, but can occasionally score a goal if he needs to.

Pellegrini started his career at Estudiantes. They signed him in 2018 before selling him to Inter Miami in July. Inter loaned him back to Estudiantes till January 2020 when the club kicks off their inaugural MLS season.