Miami Mayor insists that toxic materials won’t impact Inter Miami CF stadium

Issues with Inter Miami CF’s stadium plans came under further scrutiny this week. The Miami Herald reported that the stadium site for the club contains “arsenic contamination levels reaching more than twice the legal limit and surface-level soil samples containing debris that poses a physical hazard.”
The firm that did the research and testing was hired by Inter Miami. The site, which is a massive 131 acres, is now more expensive to clean up. The initial estimate for the contamination cleanup was around $35 million. That number has escalated as a result of the studies to $50 million.
Mayor Francis Suarez says the findings don’t put the deal in any peril, adding that it’s “not anything that jeopardizes the deal in any way” in an interview with ESPN.
“From my perspective, it doesn’t really matter because [Inter Miami has] agreed to pay it, and capitalize it,” he said. “This is a $1 billion deal; $35 million, $50 million, that’s 3.5 percent or 5% of the deal. I’m not saying that’s insignificant, but they have a range, and they are comfortable that it’s within the range.”
You can read more about the project here.