Specifics regarding Inter Miami's stadium site contamination

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Inter Miami CF's stadium has gone under some scrutiny the last couple weeks. It was known that there would need to be cleanup for the stadium given its location and the environmental surroundings. However, a report from EE&G that focused on the 131-acre site showed there was much more contamination than previously expected.

We knew some of the details were bad once the local press picked up some of the details. Miami's mayor threw cold water on the impact ever being enough to change stadium plans.

There are some newer details that I hadn't seen before today. This was probably because I never actually looked at the report itself because I couldn't find it, just the press clippings. But specifically, the report discussed what was found at the site.
"The debris included fragments of tile, metal and glass, mixed with fine-grain sands, which often exhibited a rusty colour. Intermittent wood fragments were encountered along with concrete and other non-native materials, but not evidence of municipal garbage."EE&G
The Miami Herald has the report embedded in their piece here