Anyone wanna buy a Messi to Miami rumor?

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Given that Lionel Messi has a year after year exit option in his contract, this is bound to happen every year. Mundo, who woulda guessed that, is reporting that Lio is thinking about what moving to the MLS would look like.

There have already been somewhat sketchy reports that David Beckham has already reached out to the club with a massive offer. An offer that the Barcelona board themselves are aware of.

Theoretically, none of this is surprising at all. If any of you have ever been to a Miami soccer game the Messi jerseys are full out. Even if you're just talking around you see a plethora of Barcelona kits. I was at the Barcelona and Napoli match earlier this year and the announcer either mentioned Messi's name or showed him on the screen and it was the biggest cheer of the night.

Of course Beckham would put out feelers to Messi's camp about a move. Whether or not it's serious or not, won't be determined till next summer.