Are Luis Suarez or Edison Cavani realistic for Inter Miami?

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In the last few weeks, there have finally been rumors circling regarding Inter Miami. I honestly hope some more pick up in the coming weeks cause Inter news is slow as all get out. BUT, the two players who've been mainstream enough to get attention are none other than Urugian strikers Edison Cavani and Luis Suarez.

Given the amount of time that exists between now and when Inter Miami kick off their inaugural season in the MLS, there aren't really any certainties with transfer rumors this early. Especially, when it comes to players the caliber of Cavani and Suarez.

The Suarez story was first floated out there by Mundo, who is known to be on the more dramatic side of transfer rumors. Suarez coming to Inter Miami is a bit on the wild side to me. Despite being 32, on his way to 33 in January, he's still the star striker for arguably the biggest club in the world. Heading to an MLS expansion team within 12 months doesn't seem realistic.

Cavani, on the other hand, has had much more of a solid backing to actually come to Miami. The PSG striker's contract ends in June 2020, and it seems like there might be a real possibility that he could join Inter at that time.