Giroud says the MLS is interesting for him

Arsenal chase Higuain again, offering Giroud to Napoli

Chelsea's Olivier Giroud was interviewed this week and talked about his future. The 32-year-old Frenchmen was key for Chelsea when moving over from Arsenal earlier this year, but with the recent form of Tammy Abraham, he's lost his starting spot and playing time.

For the time being, Giroud is likely best served to stay at Chelsea and play off of Abraham. Given Tammy's age and inexperience in the Premier League, there will be mistakes and times when Chelsea crave a veteran goal scorer. However, in his interview with RMC this week, he did talk about moving to MLS eventually.
“The MLS, for my family, my children who speak English, it’s interesting. In a year? In two years? I do not know when. But of course, after that, I will be open to a final challenge.”
Olivier Giroud | Source
Giroud moving to the MLS in the next year or so of his career would make an interesting prospect for Inter Miami. Giroud is just enough of a name to bring some excitement, without stealing the show from the youthful core Miami are assembling. This is the type of international striker that Miami should pawn over, not a Luis Suarez.