Inter Miami should embrace their temporary home, just like Atlanta United

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When Atlanta United kicked off their inaugural season in 2017, they had to play their first slate of games at Bobby Dodd Stadium, Georgia Tech's football home. Despite it not being perfectly crafted for soccer matches, it somehow worked. The seats were tight, there was no shade for half the stadium during day matches, and it wasn't fit all that well for mass crowds.

However, it enabled the wild fandom that was already about to burst for United in the city. I remember going to the NYFC match in the stadium. It was hot and sweaty, no one sat in their assigned seats, and the food lines were ridiculous. But none of that mattered. We had a lively soccer team in a major southeastern city. That concept was insane to me.

Inter Miami CF has a chance to set the tone for the future of their franchise in their Fort Lauderdale home. The fans need to come out in droves, and the supporter's section needs to set a vibe that makes everyone else jealous they aren't standing with them. It's a chance to start off a club with a bang, and I think the fans of Inter Miami are perfectly set to follow in the fanatic footsteps of Atlanta United.