Solari wants to coach in Europe

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Santiago Solari is reportedly becoming increasingly interested in the Premier League. Solari has been linked with Inter Miami for the last few weeks. The former Real Madrid boss was great as an interim manager at the club, but was sacked shortly after taking the full-time role.
"I would like to coach in Europe, in a serious project in one of the big leagues. I saw the Premier League last year and how it grew so much. It was a fantastic campaign for the English teams. There are so many different cultures as well - you have Spanish coaches, German coaches, English coaches, coaches from all over the world who have made it grow."
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It does seem like Solari is going to stay in Europe. After numerous rumors that he was being heavily courted by Inter Miami, it seems as if Beckham and team couldn't convince Solari to come to Miami. We'll have to wait for sure, to ensure that a Premier League team actually wants to hire him.