Who will be Inter Miami CF's biggest rival?

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Rivalries make football the best sport in the world. Whether it's the El Clasico, the London Derbies, the Merseyside Derby, Atlanta vs Orlando, or El Traffico; rivalries spark fire beneath the players and fans.

As Miami enters its inaugural season next year, one of the most fun things to consider is who its biggest rival will be. There are a few different candidates, and it may turn out to be someone surprising. However, the two most obvious candidates, in my opinion, are Orlando City and Atlanta United. 

The case of Orlando City is nothing more than proximity. I don't see the fire, tenacity, and swagger out of Orlando to necessarily match that level of intensity that Miami will certainly have out of the gate.

Atlanta makes the perfect rival. They already have a fan-based rivalry with Orlando, but I see that ending once they have an opponent in Inter Miami that has the rowdy fan base and swagger laced football to match the Five Stripes. Miami and Atlanta butting heads is everything I want. Let it be known I'm biased for this option, but I also think its the most realistic.