Report: Inter Miami targeting grandfather Javier

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In a twist of events, Inter Miami CF sorted their transfer targets by age and ended up going from the top-down, instead of sorting youngest to eldest. Inter Miami are apparently in talks, advanced talks according to one report, with former Barcelona midfielder and center-back, Javier Mascherano.

Argentine reporter Cesar Merlo reported that the talks are in an advanced state, and there's a formal offer on the table. Listen, I'm not one to judge. If Inter Miami wants to spend what one would assume to be a decent amount of money on a 35-year-old defensive midfielder, let them eat cake.

However, one would assume, HOPEFULLY, that this is more so as a consultant that just happens to be a player. Mascherano brings a plethora of experience that can be passed down to some of the younger players on the roster. His teaching ability would be his true value. Because as we saw as he was on his way out at Barcelona, it's certainly not his side to side movement or tracking ability.