Should we be impressed at the lack of Inter Miami managerial leaks?

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Report after report has come out. The rumors piled up. It all seemed like an announcement was imminent. Then the timeline passed. Then another timeframe was reported, and it passed as well.

Time after time we think we have some sort of handle on the Inter Miami managerial timeline, we end up left at the alter. The lack of solid intel around the managerial candidates as things get closer is frustrating. Each time the managerial candidate feels certain, things go quiet and we're left to guess.

Jorge Mas has made it public that a candidate has been chosen. According to him, that person has even had a say in the decisions that the club has made from a player perspective. Assuming that's true, it still remains somewhat strange why the person hasn't been announced yet.

If what Mas said was really REALLY true, it's wild that nothing has leaked. With how connected the football world is with reporters, it's really incredible that nothing solid has leaked in terms of a manager. Each time someone on Reddit says for sure it's not someone, or that it is someone, we're left thinking something different just hours or days later.

I for one, am impressed at the lack of leaks. It is a bit concerning that the club still doesn't have a manager and its mid-December. I'm not oblivious to that.

There's also a small chance that the lack of real leaks are simply because this is a new club and they haven't learned how to work the media yet. However, I'm going to give a team with this many experienced footballing minds more credit than that.

The frustration at a lack of a managerial announcement is real. I feel that. But for the moment I'm going to choose to be optimistic. Choose to believe that the lack of solid information is for a reason, and not because they're panicking this late in the process. I hope.