Visiting Home: Touring Inter Miami Stadium with The Siege

Photo credits: The Siege

As with any soccer club, their home ground is arguably the most sacred place you can be.

It's where football players make their living and where supporters go to watch the men that bear their club's badge play and represent the city with pride.

Yesterday, alongside owner Jorge Mas and the big man himself David Beckham, Inter Miami gave several supporters groups the opportunity of a lifetime. The team gave fans a chance to visit Inter Miami stadium and get a feel for, well, everything!

They took photos, got to walk through the player's tunnel, and even got a pep talk from Jorge Mas himself.

Photos Credits: The Siege

Beckham even gave us a "sneak preview" of how the pitch would look like during actual match play with one of his signature freekicks.
This event comes 3 months before the club's inaugural home match against the LA Galaxy on March 14th. The club is making an active effort in bringing the community together, for Mas and company, this get-together marks the first of many to come.

The Siege, in particular, has been running a successful grassroots movement that has been active since the early 2010s. All throughout the year, the group has hosted a number of events, such as watch party's, pickup futsal games and member meetups. They are one of three supporters groups that Inter Miami has and one of the largest.

Photo Credits: The Siege
'La Familia.'

This is one of many Inter Miami mottos, but it's perhaps the most important.
'La Familia' signifies the bond between supporters and their club, it represents the relationship between the team and the community, it embodies the spirit of Inter Miami - The People's Club.

It's been a long time coming, but the people of South Florida are ready.

Vamos Miami!