Robles speaks out about Inter's first day of training

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Inter Miami CF had the first day of training in their franchise history on Monday. Goalkeeper Luis Robles talked with the media about the day and how it went.
“It’s almost like the first day of school. Everyone’s real excited to be on the field. Sunday, we had a great introduction to preseason camp by visiting the facilities, and that continues to add to the level of excitement.”
Robles | Source
Robles also talked about the blend of cultures that are taking place in Miami. This is one of the coolest aspects of this team so far, I'm glad Robles spoke about it.
“We have a blend of cultures, heavily Hispanic, and guys based in the United States, and need to find understanding between both sides,” Robles said. “[Alonso’s] lead, that he wants to learn English right away, will cause English guys to speak Spanish to bridge that gap. 
I realized right away that my Spanish is a lot better in text form than spoken. In order to help new guys navigate the challenges of this league, I’m going to have to speak to them in Spanish.”
Robles | Source