Three reasons to remain excited about Inter Miami CF when you feel negative

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Sometimes as sports fans we can become a bit downtrodden. Perhaps a bit cynical and negative towards matters. Inter Miami fans, despite the young age of the franchise, have had moments of frustration. The team drug its feet on hiring a manager, the stadium details are foggy and frustrating, and player rumors leave something to be desired.

So let's refocus, and one might say, regain. Let's remind ourselves three reasons to be excited about Inter Miami CF.

1. David Beckham

Let's not underhype what is impossible to overhype.

David Beckham is going to be in and around everything that Inter Miami do as a club. That's ridiculously fun. I don't care how cynical you are, this is something very fun and tangible that will be visible at every turn.

I'm talking cutaways of Beckham at the matches wearing a new dapper suit each weekend. Personally, I'm especially excited about the summer suit selection featuring some linens and light colors. 

2. The hope of being in year one

There's plenty of pressure that comes with being in year one of a sports franchise. There's also plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Each mistake can be viewed as a learning opportunity and each success a block to build upon. It gives fans and those involved at the club alike, a time to really consider what it means to be Inter Miami CF, that's fun.

3. Football in Miami

The culture around football clubs remains one of the best parts of following and covering the sport. There are few comparisons to what it means and feels like to be in and around a special football culture. Inter Miami has a chance to be just that in Miami. 

I know the stadium aspect of all this remains a roadblock and a bit of a buzzkill. However, even if they're in Fort Lauderdale for the next ten years, this club has the chance to be something transformative for the surrounding culture. Both the culture and the club can influence each other in a swirl of passion and excitement. If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what to say.