Lewis Morgan discusses stepping out of his comfort zone at Inter Miami

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Lewis Morgan was one of the more impressive signings for Inter Miami in the offseason. The Scottish winger had played his entire career overseas before moving to Inter Miami. The newness of Inter Miami was certainly something still resonating with Morgan.

Morgan played in Inter Miami's last preseason match over the weekend. After the match, he discussed the weather in Miami, as well as acclimating to the newer life that a career in South Beach provides.
“It’s definitely a little warmer in Florida than I’m used to,” said Morgan, who started against the Rowdies. “That’s probably one of the biggest differences for me, getting used to playing in this climate. I’m sure the more days I put in I will acclimatize to that.” 
“The decision to sign with Inter Miami was about pushing myself and my comfort zone, coming over here and learning a new style of play in a new part of the world and working with a coaching staff that obviously their first language is not English,” Morgan said. “Those were all things I thought would help with my development as a player. So far, I’m finding that to be the case.” 
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