Alonso and Pizarro discuss Inter Miami's silly reasons for losing

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Inter Miami's first two matches in the team's MLS history didn't go exactly as planned. Losing to the former Supporter's Shield champions isn't anything to laugh at. However, the loss to D.C. United showed Inter Miami's newness to the league.

Diego Alonso and Rodolfo Pizarro discussed the losses and some of the takeaways from the matches after the D.C. United loss.
“I think we deserved more from the first two games. We lost this game because of mistakes and because of silly reasons. All we can do is to keep working,”

“In five minutes you can lose the work done in 85 minutes.”
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Alonso discussed how the match turned on its head in ten minutes.
“In 10 minutes, in an unusual way,” said Alonso afterward, “the game turned on us.” 
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