Don Garber says Inter Miami won't make Fort Lauderdale their permanent home

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MLS Commissioner Don Garber spoke in regards to Inter Miami's permanent home this weekend. Before the match against LAFC on Sunday, Garber said that the club will not stay in Fort Lauderdale.
“They’re going to play [in Fort Lauderdale] as long as they have to, but they are not going to stay in Fort Lauderdale,” Garber said before the team’s inaugural game against Los Angeles FC.  “There will come a time where we’re going to have to push the envelope and get that deal finalized.” 
Don Garber | Source
There haven't been all that many updates on Inter's effort with regards to Miami. Garber giving thoughts on the matter are pretty interesting to me. These comments, of course, don't really mean all that much. The plans could change next week and all of a sudden Fort Lauderdale is home for good. However, for the time being, Miami is still the goal. That means something when it comes from the MLS Commissioner.